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quick & to the pointless

26 March 1985
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, 1950's, adult swim, adventures, antique keys, aries, astrology, azumanga daioh, backwards hugs, bass, beauty, beavis & butthead, blur, blythe, body image, books, booze, britpop, bubble baths, bubble tea, buddy holly, candy, carousels, cartoons, cats, champagne, chick tracts, chocolate, cold baths, collage, comedy, damon albarn, david bowie, dive bars, dolls, elliott smith, eyeliner, fairy tales, family, fashion, feminism, fishnets, fruit punch, glam rock, glamour, glitter, gossip, grape soda, guitar, halloween, hand claps in songs, hello kitty, high heels, humor, inventing my own language, jack black, janet weiss, jarvis cocker, jem & the holograms, jewelry, journaling, karaoke, kawaii, keys, king of the hill, kitsch, kittens, kool-aid, lace, lavender, leopard print, lingerie, lisa frank, love, magazines, mail, make-up, making up words, manger babies, matryoshkas, mermaids, mike judge, music, music history, musicals, my little pony, nudity, otis redding, paper crafts, paper dolls, penpals, perfume, picnics, pin-up girls, pinky:st, pizza, prince, pro-choice, pulp, purple rain, rain, reading, red lipstick, revenge, riot grrrl, rock & roll, romance, rum & coke, sailor moon, sam cooke, sarah silverman, seattle, sex, shoes, shopping, skeleton keys, skinny dipping, sleater-kinney, spooning, st. louis, staying up late, stickers, style, sunrise, surf rock, sweets, swimming, tattoos, tenacious d, the beach, the beatles, thunderstorms, tim and eric, trash tv, tv, unicorns, video games, walking in the rain, writing letters, zines, ,